Common Reasons Why You Don’t Seem To Shed The Extra Pounds

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You have finally decided to lose weight and you have already started the road to good health. You changed your eating habits, you become aware of what you eat, and you just recently become a gym member. However, despite all of these fitness efforts, you don’t see results. If this is the case, then one of these culprits might be impeding you from trimming down your weight.

You are EATING TOO MUCH healthy foods. You have shift to eating healthy foods but you don’t keep yourself aware of how much you are eating. Nuts, whole wheat pasta, avocados, dark chocolate and olive oil are all healthy food choices but they also contain calories. Therefore, when you eat too much of these foods, weight gain will be a result. Remember no matter how healthy a food is you still need to watch your serving sizes. When talking about weight loss, everything comes down to PORTION CONTROL.

You like to SKIP eating breakfast. Most people think that skipping breakfast can help them save on calories. However, it is actually the opposite. Not eating breakfast will cause your body to store more fat simply because it will go on starvation. Studies have showed that people who eat breakfast regularly enjoy healthy and effective weight loss. Knowing this, you can jumpstart your metabolism by taking breakfast every morning.

You don’t go easy on dressings, toppings and condiments. If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you would choose salad over a full meal. While salads are indeed healthy meal options, topping it with goat cheese, bacon, nuts, and mayo dressing can easily double its total calories. That said, you should also go easy on your salad toppings and dressings. Adding too much topping will not only ruin your waistline size but your entire weight loss efforts.

You fail to drink enough water. Another common mistake that dieters do is not consuming adequate amount of H2O. A number of studies have showed that water can assist one to lose weight. Drinking a glass of water prior to a meal will help promote portion control since it will allow you to feel fuller faster.

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