What To Look Out For When You Buy Cannabis For Medical Marijuana Purpose

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With cannabis becoming more accepted around the globe, you might have run across a few sites that claim you can buy cannabis online. While this might seem appealing to many newcomers, there are a few things you need to understand when buying weed online.

Today, we’re going to be looking into the major red flags you should be looking out for when you decide to buy weed online. By paying attention to these red flags, you reduce the chances of you getting scammed by people and losing all your hard earned cash.

If you’re ready to buy weed online, sit back and relax…we’re going to show you how not to get ripped off!

Instagram buyers are risky

Perhaps you’ve come across a few Instagram users posting delicious sacks. Your comment on one of the pictures and suddenly you get a direct message. You open it up and the Instagram user you looked at is talking to you.

Pretty soon into the conversation, the grammar tells you that he/she’s got weed to sell. They give you prices and tell you that they ship discreetly all over the world.

Should you buy from this individual?

We recommend that you don’t. There is no way to verify whether this is a real person or a cop trying to get you to break the law. You don’t know if it’s a scammer or not. There is no way to research the user and no way to investigate about how legit the operation is.

If you are going to drop a few hundred dollars on a ‘dude’ from the internet, best prepare yourself to part ways with your money…and there’s no need at the end of this story.

Are there legitimate sites to buy weed online?

Only in legal states you’ll find websites that have the capability to sell you weed online. This is usually tied to some sort of delivery service and in fact, most of these services have apps. You won’t be able to find something like this if you live in a prohibition state.

No matter how legit a site looks, if you’re in a prohibition state, there is no legal or safe delivery system. It’s all black market stuff.

Should you buy from it?

This depends on whether the service is legit or not. We have found a few underground networks in prohibition states that utilize social media to get you weed. However, you had to be introduced to the network, you couldn’t just order if you wanted to.

If you have to be vetted to get into the system, then you will probably be able to get a good deal. These services are usually a bit more expensive but it’s all good and convenient.

The Dark Web

Since the DEA took down the Silk Road, thousands of similar sites popped up on the internet to fill the hole. If you know how to surf the dark web and how to properly research your sources, you can find legitimate hookups there that will definitely get you weed.

The problem is that it’s illegal and you might get some police officers knocking on your door if you’re not careful. Nonetheless, to buy weed online is very real within the Dark Web.

Should you buy from the Dark Web?

That’s entirely up to you…

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